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Choosing a Pavilion for your best needs

    A new era is at hand in the SCA.  More and more people are looking for authentic-looking pavilions, tents, and canopies for their outdoor events across the country.  Just as was the case with armor and other artifacts, the first pavilions people tend to build are imitations of what they saw in the movies.  Later, they discover to their chargin that there were many period pictures available, and they've just sunk a lot of cash into a Victorian invention or a circus tent.

    Worse yet, you could end up paying for a merchanting pavilion when you really needed the little-known features of a true residential model.

    Four Seasons Tentmasters offers a variety of sizes in most all the styles shown either in the catalog (please call us to request one) or on this site (transcribed in limited amounts).  We welcome you to utilize the resources on each of the product pages as well as the Information link for sizing charts and other references before blindly purchasing a tent or pavilion that does not meet your needs.  We encourage you firstly to ask yourself these questions:

    Firstly, are you choosing the pavilion as a merchant or as a group (shire, barony, household), family, or individual?

    Secondly, do you plan to house merchandising or any group over four adults?  Due to space configurations with this quantity of people, you will need a perimeter pole model, whether round, square, rectangle, or round end rectangle (sometimes called oval though this is not correct).

    Thirdly, for a smaller group, couple, or family, we would like to offer to you many perimeter pole and dividing / folding wall options to allow merchant windows, but is this what you really need?

    In addition, we are more than happy to answer any and all questions you have regarding potential purchases for your event, faire, booth, merchant, camping, or reenactment needs.

You may reach us by: 

Phone: (734) 642-8610

Email: fourseasonstentmasters (at) comcast (dot) net

Just replace the (at) with @ and (dot) with .  It helps us cut down on spam.


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